Christian Radio/TV in the UK

The Christian Broadcasting Council has the following aims:

  • To stimulate and promote the knowledge of the Christian faith and the propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the broadcasting media in the United Kingdom.
  • To encourage the highest standards of Christian media communication.
  • To support and develop the knowledge and standards of all those involved in broadcasting.
  • To bring together in fellowship those working in broadcasting and those who support the vision of CBC, under girding and encouraging them in their spiritual lives.


AM/FM Radio

  • Hope FM
    Bournemouth Dorset
    5 year community licence from May 27, 2007

AM/FM Radio Restricted Service Licences

  • Shine FM
    Banbridge , Northern Ireland
    Shine FM has been awarded a 5 year community radio licence
  • Branchfm
    Dewsbury and district, broadcast May on FM and webstream . The now ongoing daily internet webcasts of 'Branch FM' is showing that the local Christian stations are no longer restricted to the conventional occasional 25 watt RSL FM broadcast.

Full time Christian Radio stations active in the UK

  • Audiopot
    Audiopot is an on-line library of creative Christian audio for use on the radio, in churches and in schools. Around 2000 items are available to download FREE. New material is added weekly.
  • Calvary Chapel
    On Sky from UK and starting streaming in 2004. Now also now has has evening shows on AppleFM Sky 913 and Radio Caroline
  • Christian Voice
    As Christian Voice has hosted RSLs from the Crossrhythms Dudley festival (96) and the NEC Birmingham (98) and and made a bid for a full time FM station in West Midlands . Now broadcasting youth programmes from it's West Bromwich studios to Africa , Asia , S America on Shortwave ( Zambia , Austrailia and South America ) and FM relays. Can be heard in UK on Internet using the link above. Has also started experimental digital DRM transmissions from VT Merlin Rampisham , Dorset every Monday morning.9760khz at 33kW. Therefore only picked up unless you are in Dorset near the tx site or a few hundred km away for the first hop, has been picked up in Germany .
  • Harvest Radio
    Shortwave from US, with some programmes on Wonderful TV
    HCJB-UK is part of HCJB Global which broadcasts around the world using satellite, shortwave, FM and the internet. We also run UK-based ministries to further our aim of getting good quality Christian content onto local radio stations: we produce our own radio programmes under the name of Whistling Frog Productions; we provide material for Christian radio producers across the UK on our Audiopot web
  • K-LOVE
    Internet CCM radio from US. Jon Rivers CCM top 20 is also on UCB Sat AM, Crossrhythms Sun PM and Christianvoice
  • MSN
    CCM and Gospel Music Internet services (Commercial advertising).
  • Music Choice
    CCM and Gospel Music Internet services (Commercial advertising)).
  • Premier Online
    Was granted a London radio licence (on it's 2nd attempt) in 1994 (renewed 2002) and can be heard in London on AM/MW from 5 transmitters; Battersea Height :105m 1Kw Frequency:1332Khz, Ewell Height:125m 0.5Kw Frequency:1305Khz, Enfield Height:55m 0.5Kw Frequency:1305Khz, Heathrow 0.5Kw Frequency:1413Khz and Dartford Height:39m 1314Khz Now also on Sky ch873, NTL, Internet and freeview ch92. Premier, TWR and CACLB encouraged the Flame RSLs in 91/92 and now "Premier United" has an aim of more full time regional AM stations allowed under the current Communications act provided the Radio Authority release frequencies.
  • SonRise Radio Ltd
    754A Wimborne Road, Moordown, Bournemouth, BH9 2DZ
    tel:+44 (0)1202 518473
    Broadcasting Christian music of all genres 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They also allocate a minimum of 20% of airtime to non secular, wholesome programming to encourage those who are seeking the Lord to come to the Station.
  • Specialized English
    The Spotlight programme is produced by Feba and Words of Hope in Worthing , Cyprus and USA for various stations including TWR and HCJB.
  • Talk Gospel
    Internet, Premier's African and Caribbean dedicated Gospel channel.
  • Trans World Radio
    Missionary radio started in Tangiers in the 1950's aimed at Spain then other countries. The transmitters then moved to a site in France (in cooperation with a licence from Radio Monte Carlo). Broadcasts in English to UK , 9870khz SW 8-9 and 1467 kHz AM/MW 23-00 at night. English programmes from the Bath and Swansea studios are now also on Sky FTA (free to air) ch888 24 hours a day and also on Premier Radio, UCB and Crossrhythms (Beat the Box). A history book "Towers to Eternity" is free from the Bath office.
  • UCB
    Based in Stoke on Trent (as it is the geographical centre of the UK ) and was started out of Rhema Christian radio in New Zealand ( . UCB had programmes on AM/FM on Radio Manx, 1386khz from Russia , but is now concentrating on national Digital transmission and it's 4 stations: UCB Europe, UCB Inspiration, UCB Talk and UCB Bible can be heard on Sky FTA Chs 875,886,884,885, NTL/ Telewest cable and the internet (using the link above). Also started the word interactive continous CCM on the internet for 20-30 year olds. UCB has run RSLs in Stoke and Great Malvern (91/92), Stoneleigh and now Grapevine (2002/3) Conferences, hopes to start DAB transmissions soon as it is possible.

Full time Christian TV stations in UK

  • BEN
    Sky ch238 a Caribbean UK based entertainment TV station and shows the Shine hour Gospel Music programme produced in UK
    Started as the Christian Channel Europe from Maidstone for 2 hours on Sky in 1994. Is now based in Sunderland and " playout " from Jerusalem . Sky ch671/2, NTL/Telewest cable and internet streaming. Dream on TV is a youth TV programme produced from the Crossrhythms studios in Stoke.
  • Vision channel
    The first UK Christian TV station initally used cable TV in Swindon, now also on Life TV Sky ch 160.
  • Wonderful- tv
    (from Landon and Madrid Spain to Europe and Africa ) Sky ch675 with CCM programmes from Harvest/ Lesea and also US Government info

Getting Satellite TV and Radio

  • Christian Sat
    Supply and install Satellite TV Equipment for the purpose of watching "Free To Air" Christian and Family Friendly TV including listening to Inspiring radio
  • Christian TV
    Supplying equipment for and information about Christian TV
    A website giving help and information on how to choose a satellite system for Christian TV and Radio in the UK


  • Cross TV
    TV, video and radio series billed as a COMPLETE VIDEO library (for personal study, home Bible study groups, church groups, and so on).
  • International Christian Network
    The International Christian Network is a connection to other ministries, churches, pastors and businesses around the world. The ICN is not just another web site, but a LIVE radio broadcast and world wide network. You can tune in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and we guarantee you will find grace in the spoken word or inspirational music.

Online Television

  • What God Can Do For You
    'Jesus always took his message to the people....' - Michael Reid In this informative and inspiring chat show hosts Michael and Ruth Reid explore issues that affect all Christians. Testimony after miraculous testimony will show What God can do for you.


  • Radio Worldwide (Leeds)
    Has been providing programmes and training for several stations in UK , Africa and India and hospital radio for several years. Has started an internet service of Audio downloads of books and Sport (with 2k plus).
  • Revival Media (Eastbourne)
    On several stations including UCB and Premier and has hosted an RSL in 1991. Has been encouraging short Christian slots on Independent stations 107.8 Arrow FM in Hastings, 107.5 Sovereign Radio in Eastbourne and Southern FM and now has regular 2 hour Sunday morning slot on Splash FM.
  • BBC Religion website
    includes: BBC1 Songs of Praise, BBC Radio 2 Don Maclean Sunday morning and Sunday half hour evening, BBC Radio 4 Sunday and Sunday Worship. On all BBC local stations there are multifaith religous programmes with Christian news and music Sunday Mornings.
  • CHAD
    Interdenominational organisation that supports christians in the Media and promotes Christian programming.

UK Music internet station player quick links

  • Cross Rhythms
    A dedicated Christian youth multimedia centre now based the old BBC Radio Stoke building (radio, tv , magazine and festivals). It started as a Plymouth Sound commercial programme, linked with UCB for a while and still shares some presenters. Running a Christian music festival in Devon together with Oasis. Is internationally broadcasting contemporary Christian Music (CCM) on Sky ch876 and the internet. Was granted a Local Access City radio licence for Stoke on Trent on 101.8 FM (63 w) as an experiment for a year and now renewed for another year.
  • Premier
    Gospel (music on every half hour)

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