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Drama Resources

  • Drama Share
    Drama resources for churches, camps and youth groups
  • Orion's gate
    Free scripts for churches, camps and youth groups


General Resources

  • 24-7 Prayer
    Non-stop prayer, across the nations, for a generation lost in space
  • Eckolife
    Eckolife offers a sanctuary- a place of fun, creativity, laughter, prayer, peace and joy as we encourage each other
  • Glad
    The Christian humour magazine
  • Hope Revolution
    Multimedia downloads, online articles, and a chance to hook up on Facebook or MySpace. Connect and make a difference.....
  • Pais Project
    Pais is an international youth and schools movement offering a FREE internship or gap year in youth and schools ministry! On there site you can find out almost everything you could wish to know about their work!
  • The Net
    Supporting Christian Youth Leaders in Bristol, UK


  • Milton Abbey
    Christian youth weekend holidays in Dorset every August
  • WEC Camps
    Bulstrode, Oxford.
    tel:01753 884631


  • ICC
    CD's, Cassettes and Artists
  • Kingsway
    Kingsway's Artists and their CD's and Cassettes
  • Praise-Him
    Praise-Him is a UK Christian music website providing Christian music CDs, Christian music songbooks, Christian DVDs and Christian music Backing Tracks.
  • Spring Harvest
    Live Worship Albums, New Songs Albums, Youth Praise Mix.


  • Fusion
    Fusion is for students who want to make an impact with the gospel in word and deed.
  • holyspace
    a contemplative site, a place to sit relax and meditate
  • i am next
    the online community for college and university students.
  • RolltheRock
    We are a youth organisation looking to remove obstacles from young peoples lives, so they can live their lives to the fullest. We are involved in many areas of work, so do visit our website for more information.
  • Talk2us
    yfc web site - online chat, discussion etc.
  • Word on the Web
    This is an internet project from the Church Army for young people. It provides daily Bible notes direct by e-mail. Every day those who subscribe to the free service receive a short passage from the Youth Bible and reflections on it from a range of speakers.
  • wuzupgod
    a site based around a popular advertising campaign in the states, definately worth checking out

Performing Arts

  • Wings of Eagles Performing Arts
    c/o Clifton, 3 Hillside Crescent, Langholm, Dumfriesshire, DG13 0EE
    A Christian Based Performing Arts School for young people aged between 8 and 18 who wish to improve their acting and communication skills both on the stage or in their every day life.

Youth and Children

  • Boys Brigade
    Uniformed church based Christian Youth organisation across the UK for boys 5-18 years.
  • Campaigners
    Uniformed Christian Youth organisation with church based centres across the UK for boys and girls from 4-18 years.
  • - Christian Youth Project
    Youth services including an online forum to discuss things with other Christian Youth, from Music to Prayer requests. This site is maintained by voluntary staff and is a non profit organisation, hoping to provide help to young Christians in the UK.
  • Crusaders
    Youth organisation for today's young people
  • Energize
    Energize a complete support package for youth and children's leaders
  • Vision Youth
    Young people with a passion for bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world
  • Youth For Christ
    The promotion of the Christian faith the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to young people, principally in Britain.
  • YWAM
    Youth With A Mission

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