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  • Inspiring Calm
    Nottingham, UK
    tel:+44 (0) 7940969241
    Inspiring Calm is producing audio CD's aimed at deepening our prayer lives and drawing us closer to God. The CD 'Inspiring Calm: Scriptures and reflections read to a calming background of soothing music, birdsong, gentle streams and ocean waves

Intercessory Prayer

  • Intercessors UK
    Intercessors UK is an organisation which encourages born again believers in all denominations to pray for the UK. We aim to have the whole of the UK covered with intercesssory prayer 24 hours, 7 days a week by employing a special prayer schedule strategy. Pop along and visit our website to find out what we pray about and how wepray. Join our community of intercessors praying about the future of the UK!


  • Prophetic Anointing UK Prophetic Words
    Content includes latest national prophetic words for the countries of Britain and an archive from earlier years. Prophetic input comes from around the globe as well as the UK, providing insight for intercession and vision for revival. The Web Editor welcomes words for Towns Cities as well as the nation. New prophetic words are added around 5 or more times a month as they are shared.



  • Call To Prayer For Revival
    The purpose of the website is to encourage and promote prayer and preaching for revival in the UK. Has many worthwhile sound Bible based articles to encourage and exhort you.

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