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Bible Colleges

  • Midlands Bible College
    St John's Cloisters, St John's Square, Wolverhampton, WV2 4AT
    tel:+44 (0)8700 421 704
    We are an Evangelical, nondenominational college providing innovative and competitively-priced theological studies by open and distance learning. Working in partnership with the University of Wales, Lampeter, the college specialises in Hermeneutics (biblical interpretation). We also offer less demanding courses for those leading busy lives.

Church Health and Safety

  • ChurchSafety
    ChurchSafety is an Online Resource for Health and Safety in UK Churches and Places of Worship.

Life Skills

  • Quidzin
    Quidz In gives you the knowledge you need to talk with your children about money from a very early age. Through an informal and practical course, you’ll learn how the world of finance works: everything from budgeting through spending and saving to looking to the future.
  • The Money Secret
    The Money Secret Adult Education Course has been written for use in small group teaching sessions, evening classes, community courses and church study groups. It contains new material to bring the central debt-busting message of The Money Secret to life in life-changing and original ways.

Online Training

  • PC Security
    Virus, spyware and other such to protect yourself.
  • Using the Internet Safely
    Learn some of the dangers of using the Internet and how to protect yourself and your family while using it. This session will discuss filters, 'cookies', history files and more.
  • Web Design
    A new section could be built on to give guidance to web-site builders, but only IF people ask for it!


  • Church Universities and Colleges - UK
    The church related higher education institutions in the United Kingdom together form the Church Universities and Colleges - UK. Each institution shares a mission to focus on higher education in the context of the whole person, with a basic church ethos at heart.
    ...materials for discipleship and leadership training in UK churches


  • blue goose
    tel:01932 565 234
    blue goose is a not-for-profit Christian organisation established to benefit students in education and aid them to realise their potential and achieve their goals. We offer one-to-one tuition for GCSE

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