Christian Search Engines and Portals

After making sure that you're listed with us...then you can tackle the rest of the world.....
Y ou can submit your site details to many of these sites.

5 Barley Loaves  
711 Nett 
Active Spidering Search Engine
AngelServe Internet
- A Christian ISP and Web Portal
ACTS Christian Search Engine and Director 
CC Unet Christian Web Guide
Christian Index
Christian AddURL  
(Charges made)
Christian Best     
Christian Business      
Christ Engine 
Christian Index - Christian Search Engine  
Cross Canada  
Canadian Only! - All In One Christian Index
Cross Search + GOSHEN   
Fish The Net  
FishNet (R)        
HISNet Christian Network
Home with God  
Lightlinks 2000    

Praize Christian Community   
Religious Resources on the Net  
SpringWell of Hope  
The Best Christian Links  
iNthe Footsteps of the Lord    
The Organization Of Christians With Internet 
The Mountain Retreat    


Specialized search engines:
Church Locator   for US churches only
Church 2000    US churches, missions...
Christianportals  for searchengines only  
YouthPastor.Com  Ministry resources only!
Christian E Buy Business Directory

Christian friendly Searchengines: 

Important others:
OPEN Directory - Religion   Alta Vista  Google 

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