Child Protection - In the Church

If you are a child protection co-ordinator in your church or have strategic responsibilities for child protection in your church or organisation we would encourage you visit and bookmark the following web-sites:
Churches Child Protection Advisory Service
PCCA Christian Child Care and

There you will be able to review child care articles on child protection, child care and fostering and adoption and find helpful resources.

The Churches Child Protection Advisory Service (CCPAS) is the working name of PCCA Christian Child Care an independent Christian charity providing professional child protection advice and support to churches and organisations. Their service is thought to be unique. To their knowledge, no other organisation provides this support across the denominations and groups, throughout the British Isles

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Child Protection - Safety on the Internet

Be aware!
The whole issue of safe surfing is one that should not be ignored by parents (or indeed adults). We cover safe use of the internet as part of our training pages (click here to view). There is also an article from 2001 written by Nigel Williams, but much is still relevant today.

Here are some top tips as recommended by Steve Chalke :

  • Install a good web filter
  • Choose carefully - none are foolproof
  • Web filters are one thing - parental control another
  • Don’t completely delegate control to a piece of software - you are the parent
  • Monitor child’s use of home PC
  • Keep PC in lounge or somewhere visible
  • Treat it as you would TV
  • remember the net has no 9 O’Clock watershed!
  • Set time limits - 30 mins per day for fun
  • Talk to your child - take an interest in their world - be an influence

Some other links on safe surfing from around the world to view .....

Childnet International
Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)
Disney Safe Surfingl
Media Awareness Network (Canada)
National School Boards for Education - safe & smart
Enough is Enough - Safety Tips
Internet Content Rating Association(ICRA)
The Bertelsmann Foundation
Net Mom
Net Nanny

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