A New Christian - But What Happens Next?

Fantastic news!! Your friend has just become a Christian! You thought it would never happen; but it has, at last. What now though? Thinking back to your own experience, you recall how you had to find your own way. Excitement and happiness – definitely! But also mixed with doubt, confusion, uncertainty - and that was just the first week! It certainly was a struggle, with no-one to tell you if you were praying the “right way”, never mind the rest of it.

So it would be great if you could encourage them in their first steps, with the kind of help that never came your way. But hang on - you haven’t much confidence or experience in teaching a new Christian, have you? But that’s not a problem. As the apostle Paul tells us, we’re all members of the one Body and all have different gifts. Then why not utilise the nurturing resources that another member of the Body, a Baptist webmaster, has produced and made available through his gifting? Good thinking! So let’s use as our prime resource the nurturing material made available free at his “New Christian UK” web site: http://www.newchristian.org.uk The good news gets even better, because all documentary nurturing resources on the site are free to download and copy.

Author of this article – Brian Johnson
Webmaster and Site Owner
“New Christian UK”

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