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The Cost Of Discipleship
2,000 years ago and today
Evangelism The Biblical Way
as Jesus taught his disciples
5 Keys To Surviving The Crisis
by Andrew Strom
The Economic Situation
video talk by David Wilkerson of Times Square Church, New York.
Atheism defined
shows what nonsense some believe!
101 Science Facts in the Bible
This will encourage your faith!
Mixture In The Church
Article prompted by Lakeland
Can A Loving God Send People To Hell?
Article by Dr Wm Lane Craig
Lakeland Revival in Florida
Is it all that it seems to be?
Our Death With Christ
it's an historic fact
Resources For Pastors and Churches
dozens of links to free resources for you
Help From The Bible
verses for you when you need help.......
Some Thoughts For Students
to make you think.......
VIDEO ADDED on the Wrath of God
the Gospel is a rescue operation from the wrath of god
Practising The Presence of God
helpful article for all Christians
Reverend Fun Cartoon Page added
thou shalt laugh
New YOUTUBE movie embedded "Baby Got Book"
great rap song and video
New Flash Movie added - "Break Me, Remake Me"
created by Richard Lyall
Watch Out for people offering power experiences
Power can come from Satan too........
New Christian cartoon page added
Cartoon by Jason Ramasami
New Multimedia Downloads
Links to sites offering free Flash movie and Powerpoint downloads
Occult Q and A Page
Warnings of the real dangers of the occult
I Prayed To Jesus So Am I Now A Christian?
if you are unsure, take our test
Christian Cliches That Contradict Christ
time for a rethink......?
Flash Movie Jesus Doesn't Want Admirers But Disciples
which category are you in.....?
Ten Lies College Students Hear
Check these out - even if you're not a student
God's Answers To Man's Excuses
Man tries to justify himself....
Are You Bad Enough To Become A Christian?
what's your answer?
Darwin's Doubt - about evolution theory
Charles Darwin had doubts.....
Miracles - Why Do They Happen?
Why does God do miracles?
How To Discern God's Miracles from The Enemy's work
We need to exercise discernment!
The Work God Blesses
What are you involved with?
Lord Of The Work
Is The Lord's work the most important thing?
Dying To Self
Am I progressing in my Christian walk?
The High Calling of God
Our God is a jealous God
When Truth Gets In The Way Of Loving People
Lessons are often learned over time
What Do I Need To Know About prophecy?
Advice for the Christian on the subject of prophecy
Peter The Disciple Reflects on Easter
Spoken in a Glasgow accent
Audio Sketch For Pentecost
A Welshman in Jesusalem
Cartoons to Encourage and Make You Think
Choose and Go
Master List of FAQ by Others
FAQ Page
Solemn Warning of Dark Days Ahead For Christians
Great Judgements
What Is The Most Important Verse In The Bible?
what do you think?....
Is All Truth Equally Valid?
...and do all roads lead to God?
Our Flash Movie Page
...see 20 Flash movies to inspire you
Can You Prove That God Exists?
.....well, can you?
Why Should Anyone Need To Be Born Again?
.....the problem lies in Genesis
How Do We become Christians?
....explains what is involved
Why Did Jesus Come?
The story of two kingdoms
Good News For Your Children
...the Gospel for the little ones
Living As A Christian
offers help in your daily walk with Jesus

Christian Courier

Review of Recent Arguments for Women Preachers, A

What Is Faith in Christ?

Man: From the Beginning

Jesus Showed Himself Alive By Many Proofs

Can I Still Be Saved If I've Sinned Deliberately?

Dangers of Youthful Exuberance, The

Influence of Modern Trends on the Church, The

This Generation Shall Not Pass Away

Blood of Christ Across the Centuries, The

Matthew's Account of the Virgin Birth

The Christian Post

'Osomatsu-san' Anime Spoilers, Latest News: Matsuno Siblings to Collaborate With Popular Tokusatsu Hero
A special anime-tokusatsu collaboration is happening between the troublemaking sextuplets of the Japanese comedy anime series, "Osomatsu-san," and Tsuburaya Productions' "Ultra" franchise.
'My Hero Academia' Season 3 Air Date, Spoilers: Superhero Anime Series Returns in Spring 2018; New Key Visual Art Revealed
A new key visual art has been released along with the confirmation of an April 2018 premiere for the third season of the Japanese anime series, "My Hero Academia."
'Love Is Like a Cocktail' Episode 9 Spoilers: Will Chisato Be Mixing More Drinks for Sora?
For the last seven episodes, Sora Mizusawa has been the one mixing the drinks to provide comfort and support for his hardworking wife, Chisato. However, the most recent episode of the Japanese slice-of-life anime series, "Love Is Like a Cocktail," saw a reversal of roles after Sora went down with a cold.
'Dragon Ball FighterZ' News: The Upcoming Game's Story Mode Will Feature Evil Clones
"Dragon Ball FighterZ's" Story Mode will indeed feature evil clones players will have to face.
'Dragon Ball FighterZ' News: What Players Need to Know About Arcade Mode
"Dragon Ball FighterZ's" Arcade Mode is going to present players with challenges and also offer them rewards.
'Xenoblade Chronicles 2' News: Why Tora and Poppi Are the Game's Most Unique Characters
Tora and Poppi are two of the more memorable characters included in "Xenoblade Chronicles 2."
'Gran Turismo Sport' News: Sony to Release Patches Adding New Cars and Offline Gaming
Sony recently announced there will be patches arriving soon for "Gran Turismo Sport" that will add a wide array of new cars and the much-requested offline game mode.
Conor McGregor Rumors: Who Will the Current UFC Lightweight Champion Fight Next?
Numerous combat sports fans are now wondering who Conor McGregor will fight next.
Here's How One Evangelical Megachurch Pastor Deals With Critics on Social Media
An evangelical megachurch pastor has a few rules when dealing with critics on social media, or what he called "a modern calamity for pastors."
'WWE 2K18' Rumors: New Gameplay Video Claims to Show Nintendo Switch Version in Action
A new gameplay video claims to show the Nintendo Switch version of "WWE 2K18."
'Pokémon Go' Rumors: Players May Soon Be Able to Encounter Shiny Cleffa
The next Shiny Pokémon added to "Pokémon Go" could be Shiny Cleffa.
Church of Sweden Tells Clergy to Use Gender-Neutral Pronouns for God, Not 'He' or 'Lord'
The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sweden has told clergy that they need to start using gender-neutral language when referring to God, and avoid masculine terms such as "He" and "Lord."
'Gran Turismo Sport' News: Devs Detail New Content Coming in November Update
Find out what's inside the new update coming soon to "Gran Turismo Sport."
Egypt: Terror Attack Kills Over 200 at Mosque in North Sinai
Militants killed more than 230 people at a mosque in Egypt's North Sinai on Friday, detonating a bomb and gunning down worshipers in the deadliest attack in the country's modern history, state media and witnesses said.
DC, Warner Bros. To Release A Harley Quinn Animated Series
It was recently confirmed that DC and Warner Bros. are once again collaborating to release an animated series that will focus on Harley Quinn.
Evangelical Women in Public Policy and Public Witness
Not all young Evangelical women follow popular figures within the Evangelical Left, but they are no less immune to their nice-sounding Christianese and distorted use of Scripture.
Jennifer Garner Opens Up About Life After Split With Ben Affleck, Says She 'Would Not Choose To Be Single'
In a recent interview, actress Jennifer Garner opened up about her split with estranged husband Ben Affleck and admitted that, if given her way, she would not choose to be single.
Square Enix Eyes 'Proactive' Development of Games for Nintendo Switch
Video game fans can expect more Square Enix titles coming to the Nintendo Switch.
This Senator Is Putting an End to Democrat Stonewalling on Judicial Picks
When Democrats blew up the 225-year-old judicial confirmation rules in 2013, Grassley said they'd regret it. Now, four years later, the left is finding out just how right he was.
Top Vatican Astronomer: Some Scientists Pretend They're Atheists for Credibility, but Many Attend Church
A top Vatican astronomer has said that a number of public scientists claim to be atheists in order to appear credible, noting that a surprising number of scientists attend church.

Answers in Genesis: Daily Articles

Taking Back the Bible’s Clarity—and Implementing Operation Upgrade
The Word of God is clear and needs to be proclaimed to all. It’s for all people for all time, regardless of their level of education!
Give Thanks to the Lord for He Is Good
Thanksgiving Day provides an opportunity to thank God for his goodness and his steadfast love. Throughout history, God is praised by thankful people.
The Flu: Everything You Need to Know
Understanding the flu’s origins will practically aid us in treating the flu virus, so let’s take a look first at what causes the flu.
Disturbing “Gift” Affirms AiG’s Mission to Reach Children
Because of the public statements about Planned Parenthood, someone who opposes the ministry of Answers in Genesis sent a donation to them in “honor” of Ken.
1I/‘Oumuamua: The Discovery of the First Interstellar Asteroid
While we creationists may not have explicitly predicted such a thing, the discovery of 1I ‘Oumuamua is consistent with what we know about creation.
Fantastic Voyage: How Could Noah Care for the Animals?
Even if Noah could build a wooden Ark strong enough to survive a yearlong Flood, how could he house and feed all those animals?
Creation and the Appearance of Age
The appearance of age in the things that God created is a much-debated issue in contemporary Christian scientific circles.
The Star Movie: The Greatest Story Ever Told?
Although artistic license was used, those involved in making The Star tried to stay true to the biblical account of Christ’s birth.
Impressive but Not Surprising Response to the Ark Encounter
Now that the Ark Encounter has been open over 16 months, we frequently are asked how well it is doing. It’s time to summarize its tremendous success.
Rounding of Quartz and K-Feldspar Sand From Beach to Dune Settings Along the California and Oregon Coastlines: Implications for Ancient Sandstones
Size and roundness statistics were generated for 17 samples. The quartz and K-feldspar showed statistically significant rounding from the beach to the dune.
Movie Review: Genesis: Paradise Lost
Genesis: Paradise Lost is the first film to bring the events of Creation Week and Adam and Eve’s time in the Garden of Eden to life in 3D animation.
Ark Features Stunning Free Film Encounter the Wonder
During the Christmas season and into the New Year, Ark Encounter guests can experience the wonder of a spectacular event called “ChristmasTime at the Ark.”
Don’t Feed the Birds or They’ll Evolve
According to researchers, the seedy proffering from bird feeders is driving the rapid evolution of bird species.
AiG–Canada Already Making Waves
A recent article from a Canadian news agency misrepresented the debate between creation science and evolution science.
Darwin Didn’t Discover Evolution or Natural Selection
The essential “Darwinian” axiom of chance evolution by random change and “survival of the fittest” was broadly suggested by ancient Greek philosophers.
Did Meteorites and Warm Ponds Make Life?
In a recent study, scientists from Canada are claiming to have given the warm ponds theory a boost regarding the evolutionary origins of life on earth.
Correcting a Pastor Who Denies Biblical Inerrancy
A guest column by a pastor that took biblical creationists to task for supposedly being antiscience, appeared recently in the Holland Sentinel.
“Only the Uneducated Reject Evolution”
Those who believe that only the uneducated reject evolution perhaps do not realize that evolution, far from fact, does not even qualify as a theory.
Encounter the Wonder!
Over the next several weeks, you can encounter the wonder of God’s Word and the wonder of the incredible Ark in a very special way.
We Now Grieve with a Texas Church
We pray for the families and friends of the 26 people killed and 20 wounded during a worship service at First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas.
Fantastic Voyage: How Could Noah Build the Ark?
Modern skeptics frequently assume that someone living in Noah’s time would have been incapable of building something as large and sophisticated as the Ark.
The Origin of Evolutionism: It Didn’t Begin with Darwin
Evolutionism is a belief system based upon the assumption that there is a materialistic explanation for the origin of everything.
Get the Facts: Hurricanes and Global Warming
Hurricanes, like Harvey and Irma, are not evidence of global warming, but their effects are exaggerated by alarmists.
Church Halts All Weddings Until Same-Sex Couples Can Marry
First United Methodist Church in Texas announced they will no longer perform weddings until their denomination allows them to “marry” same-sex couples.

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