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The Cost Of Discipleship
2,000 years ago and today
Evangelism The Biblical Way
as Jesus taught his disciples
5 Keys To Surviving The Crisis
by Andrew Strom
The Economic Situation
video talk by David Wilkerson of Times Square Church, New York.
Atheism defined
shows what nonsense some believe!
101 Science Facts in the Bible
This will encourage your faith!
Mixture In The Church
Article prompted by Lakeland
Can A Loving God Send People To Hell?
Article by Dr Wm Lane Craig
Lakeland Revival in Florida
Is it all that it seems to be?
Our Death With Christ
it's an historic fact
Resources For Pastors and Churches
dozens of links to free resources for you
Help From The Bible
verses for you when you need help.......
Some Thoughts For Students
to make you think.......
VIDEO ADDED on the Wrath of God
the Gospel is a rescue operation from the wrath of god
Practising The Presence of God
helpful article for all Christians
Reverend Fun Cartoon Page added
thou shalt laugh
New YOUTUBE movie embedded "Baby Got Book"
great rap song and video
New Flash Movie added - "Break Me, Remake Me"
created by Richard Lyall
Watch Out for people offering power experiences
Power can come from Satan too........
New Christian cartoon page added
Cartoon by Jason Ramasami
New Multimedia Downloads
Links to sites offering free Flash movie and Powerpoint downloads
Occult Q and A Page
Warnings of the real dangers of the occult
I Prayed To Jesus So Am I Now A Christian?
if you are unsure, take our test
Christian Cliches That Contradict Christ
time for a rethink......?
Flash Movie Jesus Doesn't Want Admirers But Disciples
which category are you in.....?
Ten Lies College Students Hear
Check these out - even if you're not a student
God's Answers To Man's Excuses
Man tries to justify himself....
Are You Bad Enough To Become A Christian?
what's your answer?
Darwin's Doubt - about evolution theory
Charles Darwin had doubts.....
Miracles - Why Do They Happen?
Why does God do miracles?
How To Discern God's Miracles from The Enemy's work
We need to exercise discernment!
The Work God Blesses
What are you involved with?
Lord Of The Work
Is The Lord's work the most important thing?
Dying To Self
Am I progressing in my Christian walk?
The High Calling of God
Our God is a jealous God
When Truth Gets In The Way Of Loving People
Lessons are often learned over time
What Do I Need To Know About prophecy?
Advice for the Christian on the subject of prophecy
Peter The Disciple Reflects on Easter
Spoken in a Glasgow accent
Audio Sketch For Pentecost
A Welshman in Jesusalem
Cartoons to Encourage and Make You Think
Choose and Go
Master List of FAQ by Others
FAQ Page
Solemn Warning of Dark Days Ahead For Christians
Great Judgements
What Is The Most Important Verse In The Bible?
what do you think?....
Is All Truth Equally Valid?
...and do all roads lead to God?
Our Flash Movie Page
...see 20 Flash movies to inspire you
Can You Prove That God Exists?
.....well, can you?
Why Should Anyone Need To Be Born Again?
.....the problem lies in Genesis
How Do We become Christians?
....explains what is involved
Why Did Jesus Come?
The story of two kingdoms
Good News For Your Children
...the Gospel for the little ones
Living As A Christian
offers help in your daily walk with Jesus

Christian Courier

Man: From the Beginning

Jesus Showed Himself Alive By Many Proofs

Can I Still Be Saved If I've Sinned Deliberately?

Dangers of Youthful Exuberance, The

Influence of Modern Trends on the Church, The

This Generation Shall Not Pass Away

Blood of Christ Across the Centuries, The

Matthew's Account of the Virgin Birth

Code of Hammurabi, The

Enemies of Christ

The Christian Post

San Quentin Inmates Being Trained to Land Well-Paying Tech Jobs After Release
Inmates at San Quentin State Prison in California have successfully redesigned a leading criminal justice reform group's website with little to no internet access with the help a prison reentry entrepreneurship program that successfully trains prisoners for software coding jobs upon their release.
Continental Suicide: 'The Strange Death of Europe' and European Christianity
What happens when a civilization forgets — or rejects — its roots? We're seeing it right now.
7 Reasons Why Some Churches Should Consider Being Acquired
This post is not about a pleasant topic. It's about churches that have declined to the point where their near term future is in doubt.
Was I Wrong to Warn Christians About Donald Trump?
A few days ago, I came across an article I wrote in April, 2016 titled, "Donald Trump Is Not Your Protector: A Warning To Conservative Christians." Was I wrong to issue this warning?
Nicholas Hoult May Portray Young J.R.R. Tolkien
"X-Men" actor Nicholas Hoult might star as the young J.R.R. Tolkien, author of "The Lord of the Rings" in the upcoming Fox Searchlight and Chernin Entertainment produced film, titled "Tolkien."
'X-Men' Actor Nicholas Hoult Top Pick for 'Lord of the Rings' Creator J.R.R. Tolkien Biopic
J.R.R. Tolkien wrote one of the best-selling novels of all time and there are two movies in the works about his life.
'Pokemon GO' Event Bonuses Extended
The "Pokemon GO" Fest was a disappointment for most fans. With technical issues preventing attendees from connecting to the internet and playing the hit augmented reality mobile game, Niantic, the developer of the title, opted to compensate players for the disappointing turn of events.
'The Grinder' Revival: Rob Lowe Hints Legal Comedy Might Be Back
"The Grinder" premiered on FOX last October 2015 but the network canceled the show in May the following year.
'The Defenders' Good for One Season Only? Marvel TV's Jeph Loeb Reveals Why, Dishes on The Punisher's Status
"The Defenders" will debut eight episodes on Aug. 18 on Netflix but the Marvel superhero show might not have a follow-up.
'Modern Family' Season 9 Updates, Premiere: New Season Returns on ABC This Fall
ABC has announced the season 9 premiere for its hit mockumentary series "Modern Family."
'Lost' Reboot: Creator Damon Lindelof Sounds Off on Potential Revival
"Lost" creator Damon Lindelof is both curious and excited about the possibility of the show coming back.
'Lethal Weapon' Season 2 Cast News: Aussie Actor Andrew Creer Joins as LAPD Model Cop
FOX's buddy cop series "Lethal Weapon" will return for a second season on Tuesday, Sept. 26.
'American Horror Story' Season 7 Clues: New 'Cult' Teasers Coming Every Week Until Premiere
The team behind the FX anthology series "American Horror Story" are encouraging viewers to sign onto their hint-dropping website for a two-month long journey up to the show's season 7 premiere.
'John Wick' Cinematic Universe to Expand With Female-Led Action Flick 'Ballerina'
"Ballerina" has a similar theme as Luc Besson's assassin movie "La Femme Nikita" and which will be tied in to John Wick's world.
'The Originals' Season 5 Spoilers: Caroline, Klaus to Reunite
After all the rumors and speculations, it can finally be said that Candice Accola King's Caroline from "The Vampire Diaries" is crossing over to her now-defunct show's spin-off, "The Originals" season 5.
'Fantastic Beasts 2' Plot, Cast News: Filming Begins; Ezra Miller's Credence Will Be More Prominent in Sequel
Ezra Miller's Credence did not die in the first "Fantastic Beasts" and he will be back with a bigger role for the sequel.
'Red Dead Redemption 2' Updates: Game Sequel Unlikely to Beat 'GTA V's' Sales Record, Says Publisher's CEO
While "Red Dead Redemption 2" is one of the most-anticipated games from Rockstar Games, its parent company, Take-Two Interactive, does not believe it can top the sales performance of another game from the publisher, "Grand Theft Auto V" (GTA V).
'The Incredibles 2' Updates: Sequel to Immediately Pick Up from First Movie's Conclusion
While "The Incredibles 2" was initially rumored to feature a grown-up version of the Parr siblings, it has finally been revealed that the highly anticipated movie sequel will not feature a time jump and will immediately pick up from the conclusion of the first movie.
'Justice League' News: Henry Cavill Pokes Fun at Movie Trailer Without Superman
A trailer for the upcoming "Justice League" movie was recently released and Superman was not in it. So Henry Cavill, the actor who plays the Kryptonian hero, poked some fun at it
'Justice League' Updates: Whether Superman Will Have a Moustache or Not Is Irrelevant, Says Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill finally addressed the rumors claiming that his moustache will be digitally removed in the extensive "Justice League" reshoots.

Answers in Genesis: Daily Articles

Problems with the U-Pb Radioisotope Dating Methods—1. Common Pb
Problems remain in the interpretation of the measured Pb isotopic ratios to transform them into ages.
Emperor Penguins: Equipped for Life at the “Bottom” of the World
In God’s wise foresight, He equipped the original penguin kind with the genetic information necessary for penguins like the Emperor Penguin to exist today.
From Noah to Martin Luther: Doors of Reformation
This emphasis on Scripture and salvation, all for God’s glory, was the clarion call of the Reformation. A call for a return to truth and God’s grace.
Creationists’ Power to Predict
Since the beginning of modern science, creationists have strived to explain our world based on the unchanging laws of our Creator.
Is the Human Embryo Essentially a Fish Without Gills?
Almost from the beginning, evolutionists have attempted to equate the process of evolution with the progressive development of the embryo.
Feedback: Is Atheism a Religion?
Instead of worshiping the Creator who made everyone, atheists have essentially chosen to worship the creature.
Honoring Christ as Lord: 1 Peter 3:15
When we consider the immediate and wider context of 1 Peter 3:15, there is a lot more to it than we may have seen at first.
The Design of Giardia and the Genesis of Giardiasis
We read in Genesis 1:31 that God made everything “very good.” If everything that God made was good, where did Giardia come from?
Bats: Equipped for the Hunt
As the only true flying mammals, bats are well equipped for the hunt. Their wings can maneuver nimbly to abruptly change directions and carry them swiftly.
Are the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum Divisive?
The “division” the article refers to has actually been created by those who continually oppose us in a noisy and dishonest way.
Other Religious Writings
Other alleged divine writings are not from God because they are not part of the Bible.
Darrow’s Statue: Another Win for Evolution?
This new statue is not just about portraying a history: it’s about secularists wanting to celebrate reason and attack anything to do with Christianity.
If We Resemble Apes, Does That Mean We Evolved from Apes?
Evolutionists insist that the underlying similarity of all animals, including man, is compelling evidence for their evolution from a common ancestor.
The Relevance of the Reformation
The Reformation reshaped the religion and politics of Europe centuries ago. But the Reformation carries a vital message—a warning—for the modern Christian.
What Are the Differences Between Judaism and Christianity?
Even with many similarities, the differences between Judaism and Christianity are stark. And there is no reason we cannot be open about them.
Study: Babies Drawn to Faces Before They’re Born
A new study has shown that it’s not just newborns that prefer faces. Unborn babies in the third trimester of pregnancy show this same affinity for faces.
Giraffes: Towering Testimonies to God’s Design
The giraffe strolls on stilt-like legs, and its neck parades high in the sky. But the giraffe is no comic freak of nature. It displays divine design.
Why Is the Scopes Trial Significant?
Christian morality seems to be rapidly declining in America and the western hemisphere but did you know there is a connection between this and the Scopes trial?
Exposing the Connection: How Evolution Impacts Morality
Over the decades, evolutionists have often mocked me for tying evolution to morality. They claim that evolution has to do with “science,” not morality.
Is Evolution a Theory, a Fact, or a Law?—or None of the Above?
Since many Christians have concluded that evolution is incompatible with the Biblical account of creation, we should investigate if it is a fact or theory.
A Year of Tremendous Blessings
Media from all over the world have toured the Ark Encounter, and we have appreciated all the extensive global coverage.
The Reformation of the 16th Century
The Reformers of the sixteenth century believed the only path to lasting reformation was the Word of God.
Ark Encounter Makes Enormous Impact in First Year
On July 7, the internationally renowned Ark Encounter theme park south of Cincinnati will celebrate its first anniversary.
Finding Adam in the Genome: Part 3 of a Response to Chapter 2 of Adam and the Genome
Venema claims that the published, comprehensive genetic comparisons between humans and chimpanzees reveal a genetic identity of 95–98%.

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