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The Cost Of Discipleship
2,000 years ago and today
Evangelism The Biblical Way
as Jesus taught his disciples
5 Keys To Surviving The Crisis
by Andrew Strom
The Economic Situation
video talk by David Wilkerson of Times Square Church, New York.
Atheism defined
shows what nonsense some believe!
101 Science Facts in the Bible
This will encourage your faith!
Mixture In The Church
Article prompted by Lakeland
Can A Loving God Send People To Hell?
Article by Dr Wm Lane Craig
Lakeland Revival in Florida
Is it all that it seems to be?
Our Death With Christ
it's an historic fact
Resources For Pastors and Churches
dozens of links to free resources for you
Help From The Bible
verses for you when you need help.......
Some Thoughts For Students
to make you think.......
VIDEO ADDED on the Wrath of God
the Gospel is a rescue operation from the wrath of god
Practising The Presence of God
helpful article for all Christians
Reverend Fun Cartoon Page added
thou shalt laugh
New YOUTUBE movie embedded "Baby Got Book"
great rap song and video
New Flash Movie added - "Break Me, Remake Me"
created by Richard Lyall
Watch Out for people offering power experiences
Power can come from Satan too........
New Christian cartoon page added
Cartoon by Jason Ramasami
New Multimedia Downloads
Links to sites offering free Flash movie and Powerpoint downloads
Occult Q and A Page
Warnings of the real dangers of the occult
I Prayed To Jesus So Am I Now A Christian?
if you are unsure, take our test
Christian Cliches That Contradict Christ
time for a rethink......?
Flash Movie Jesus Doesn't Want Admirers But Disciples
which category are you in.....?
Ten Lies College Students Hear
Check these out - even if you're not a student
God's Answers To Man's Excuses
Man tries to justify himself....
Are You Bad Enough To Become A Christian?
what's your answer?
Darwin's Doubt - about evolution theory
Charles Darwin had doubts.....
Miracles - Why Do They Happen?
Why does God do miracles?
How To Discern God's Miracles from The Enemy's work
We need to exercise discernment!
The Work God Blesses
What are you involved with?
Lord Of The Work
Is The Lord's work the most important thing?
Dying To Self
Am I progressing in my Christian walk?
The High Calling of God
Our God is a jealous God
When Truth Gets In The Way Of Loving People
Lessons are often learned over time
What Do I Need To Know About prophecy?
Advice for the Christian on the subject of prophecy
Peter The Disciple Reflects on Easter
Spoken in a Glasgow accent
Audio Sketch For Pentecost
A Welshman in Jesusalem
Cartoons to Encourage and Make You Think
Choose and Go
Master List of FAQ by Others
FAQ Page
Solemn Warning of Dark Days Ahead For Christians
Great Judgements
What Is The Most Important Verse In The Bible?
what do you think?....
Is All Truth Equally Valid?
...and do all roads lead to God?
Our Flash Movie Page
...see 20 Flash movies to inspire you
Can You Prove That God Exists?
.....well, can you?
Why Should Anyone Need To Be Born Again?
.....the problem lies in Genesis
How Do We become Christians?
....explains what is involved
Why Did Jesus Come?
The story of two kingdoms
Good News For Your Children
...the Gospel for the little ones
Living As A Christian
offers help in your daily walk with Jesus

Christian Courier

Man: From the Beginning

Jesus Showed Himself Alive By Many Proofs

Can I Still Be Saved If I've Sinned Deliberately?

Dangers of Youthful Exuberance, The

Influence of Modern Trends on the Church, The

This Generation Shall Not Pass Away

Blood of Christ Across the Centuries, The

Matthew's Account of the Virgin Birth

Code of Hammurabi, The

Enemies of Christ

The Christian Post

4 Cardinals Request That Pope Clarify Stance on Divorce, Remarriage
Four theologically conservative cardinals have sent a new letter to Pope Francis asking for the head of the 1 billion-strong Roman Catholic Church to clarify his stance on divorce and remarriage.
Sojourners Critique of Christian Right Shows What's Wrong With Christian Left
Mattson essentially accuses conservative Christians of succumbing to the Satanic offer of worldly dominion that Jesus rejected. But is the Religious Left absolved for grasping political power because its agenda is reputedly more generous?
Washington Isn't the Answer to Peace
Peace isn't easy, especially in today's world. With the recent attacks in Manchester, Kabul, London and Baghdad, we can quickly become disheartened and think that there is nothing we can do.
'Queen Sugar' Season 2 Spoilers: Personal Conflicts Befall the Bordelon Siblings in Two-Night Special Premiere
A new 16-episode season of the American drama series "Queen Sugar" is premiering with a two-episode special airing in two consecutive nights. Will a huge conflict over the Bordelon's 800-acre sugar cane farm cause a break among the siblings?
'Night Shift' Season 4: New Season Pilot Follows Topher's Exit, Cliffhanger Incoming
"The Night Shift" makes its return for the fourth season as the show airs on Thursday, June 22, at 10 p.m. EDT on NBC. Season 4 will deal with the staff losing Topher (Ken Leung), and it will leave viewers hanging for the following week.
'So You Think You Can Dance' Season 14: New York Auditions Featured in Third Week
"So You Think You Can Dance" has been renewed for its 14th season, and the auditions, so far, have produced a few surprising moments for dance fans everywhere. The third episode moves on to feature auditions for the show held in New York as the series resumes on Monday, June 26, at 8 p.m. EDT on FOX.
'Thor: Ragnarok' Plot Spoilers, Speculations: Will Movie Introduce the Last Infinity Stone?
"Thor: Ragnarok" could possibly usher in the Infinity War timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Could the new "Thor" movie point to the location of the last Infinity Stone that's yet to be revealed?
Beyonce and Jay-Z Twins to Be Named by Blue Ivy?
Blue Ivy Carter officially lost her "only child" status after her parents Beyonce and Jay-Z welcomed their twins last week. But she still reportedly enjoys being an older sister by being present from the time of their birth and choosing their names.
'Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hacker's Memory': New Characters, Digimon and Battle System Revealed
Bandai Namco has just announced new details about the upcoming "Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory." The new sequel will introduce new characters, along with their new Digimon partners, through a revamped battle system.
YotaPhone 3 Release Date, Specs: Dual-Screen Smartphone to Launch Later This Year
YotaPhone 3, the newest version of the dual-screen smartphone from Russian manufacturer Baoli Yota, has finally been unveiled.
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner News: Trouble Looming for Former Couple Due to Affleck's Jealousy Issues?
Estranged couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner appear like a united front as co-parents of their three children in public, but the two are reportedly having troubles behind closed doors.
Millions of Christians in 100 Countries to Sing Keith Getty Song in Global Missions Event (Interview)
World-renowned hymn writer Keith Getty, whose song "For The Cause" is set to be sung by millions of Christians in the Global Hymn Sing missions event on June 25, says society is increasingly telling children that Christianity is "odd" and "anti-social."
'GTA Online' Rumors: Unreleased DLC Vehicles Found in Game's Files, Could Be Made Available Soon
There may be even more DLC vehicles coming soon to "GTA Online."
Audi R8 Spyder V10 Plus Release Date: High-Performance Convertible Revealed
Audi recently introduced the all-new R8 Spyder V10 Plus which is said to be the fastest convertible ever produced by the German automaker.
'Vanderpump Rules' Rumors: Reality Show to Welcome Another Male Model in Season 6
While "Vanderpump Rules" is not expected to return to TV earlier than the latter part of the year, it is already speculated that the reality show will usher in new cast members in its upcoming season 6.
2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS Release Date: Sports Car Will Deliver 700 Horsepower
Despite being introduced as the cover car for the upcoming racing title "Forza Motorsport 7" at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) last week, Porsche has not officially confirmed the 2018 911 GT2 RS. Thankfully, more details about the upcoming high-performance sports car have been revealed.
2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake Release Date, Specs: Premium Wagon Coming to the US in December
Jaguar returns to the premium wagon segment with the introduction of the 2018 XF Sportbrake.
'Black Mesa' News and Updates: Xen World Delayed Until December
Crowbar Collective has always been good at making sure that the gaming community is satisfied with its franchise so far. That's why, when the "Half-Life" remake was announced almost two years ago, fans were excited. Unfortunately, the developers have announced that it is going to have to be delayed one final time before the release.
'Star Wars' Han Solo Film Loses Directors; Ron Howard to Stand as Replacement?
The production of the "Star Wars" Hans Solo movie has had it rough. The original directors of the film were taken off of the franchise after a creative conflict with the film's screenwriter and Lucasfilm chief, Kathleen Kennedy. Fearing the cancellation of the spin-off film, fans might gain some form of reassurance in reports saying that Phil Lord and Christopher Miller might be immediately replaced by Ron Howard.
NBA Trade Rumors 2017: Paul George Tells Pacers He's Leaving Next Year?; LA Lakers Could Be His Next Stop
The Indiana Pacers' main playmaker Paul George is rumored to be leaving his team next year, and it reignited speculations he will soon play for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Answers in Genesis: Daily Articles

Finding Adam in the Genome: Part 1 of a Response to Chapter 2 (and Chapter 4) of Adam and the Genome
In this post, we begin exploring Venema’s evidences in chapter two of Adam and the Genome, titled “Genomes as Language, Genomes as Books.”
Further Evidence That Homo naledi Is Not a Member of the Human Holobaramin Based on Measurements of Vertebrae and Ribs
This study provides further evidence that Homo naledi is indeed not a member of the human holobaramin, but related rather to australopiths.
Honeybees: One of God’s Sweetest Designs
A single worker bee may add merely one-twelfth of a teaspoon of prized honey to its colony. Yet the power of the bee is in the cooperation of the colony.
Creation: The Longest Week Ever?
For more than 200 years, Christians have been trying to reinterpret the six days of Creation in Genesis 1 to make them align with millions of years.
Setting Priorities as a Busy Dad
The Bible stresses a father’s duty to train up his children consistently in God’s truth, despite all the busyness of daily life.
Religion and the Question of Origins
Is the evidence for evolution so overwhelming that teachers may be justified in running over the religious beliefs of many students and their parents?
Establish a Legacy That Will Live on in Changed Hearts
One way that our supporters can leave a lasting legacy, and even save on taxes, is by giving a home or other residential property to Answers in Genesis.
Family Worship: Teaching Our Children God’s Word
Family worship can help parents give their children a full view of God in all his beautiful person and wonderful works.
Finding Adam in the Genome: A Response to Chapter 1 of Adam and the Genome
In this article, Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson reviews chapter 1 (written by Venema and titled “Evolution as a Scientific Theory”) of Adam and the Genome.
Flag Day and Biblical Banners
With so many flags and logos surrounding us, Christians rarely stop to consider what God’s Word says about how His people ought to regard these symbols.
Platypus: The Mystery Mammal
From an acorn-size egg hatches a creature with a duck-like bill, beaver-like tail, and reptile-like stance. It’s a bird! It’s a reptile! It’s a—platypus!
The Secularist Media War Against the Ark Continues
A number of articles in the mainstream media and on secularist group websites attempt to brainwash the public to think the Ark Encounter is a failure.
Hummingbirds—Avian Acrobats of the Americas
We marvel at birds in flight. But one kind of bird stands apart in its acrobatic talents, with a complex flight system unlike any other.
Timeless Answers on Origins for the Christian Layman
Dr. Menton’s essays show solid support for creation and put forth a mighty challenge to evolution in every area touched by his presentations.
Leave a Legacy with the Give It Twice Trust
Leave a legacy for your children and God’s Kingdom by giving your estate twice—once to your children and once to further the gospel.
Unearthing Gospel Traces in Ancient Egyptian Religion
Ancient Egyptians were quite conscious of their sinful hearts and recognized the threat their guilty hearts posed to their chances for eternal bliss.
On the (Evolutionary) Road to Morocco?
Fossils of Homo sapiens found in a cave in Morocco are clearly human, not “ape-men.” But are they really 315,000 years old?
Creationists Are Liars? Finding Adam in the Genome with BioLogos
It appears that Venema fits facts to his preconceived conclusions. Data and facts from YEC scientists that contradicted his claims were left out.
The Creation of Adam: Unique Revelation or Ancient Myth?
Today there are many professing evangelical scholars who argue that the early chapters of Genesis were influenced by ancient Near East myths.
10 Sin-Cursed Animals That Still Show Divine Design
Animals fascinate humans. Whether playing with the family pet or gawking at the zoo wildlife, we marvel at the variety and complexity of these creatures.
Caring About Creation for the Right Reasons
Some people believe creation is something we should worship. Others believe its purpose is to serve mankind’s greater good. Which view is right?
Salt Removal on Demand
Seabirds have a special gland that helps them drink seawater. Amazingly, a few other birds can develop this salt gland, as needed.
Brontosaurus: The Only Dino to Go Extinct Twice
Brontosaurus, a diplodocid, is a family of dinosaurs with similar shape and form, so similar that the Brontosaurus has caused quite a bit of confusion.
Partnering to Reach the Culture and the Church
If you would like to partner with us as we reach out to this society and our church community, there are many ways our American supporters can give.

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