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The Modular School
This is a series of weekend courses over two years for those in travelling distance to Ellel Grange who cannot attend the 9 week Flagship School. Modular A starts: 19th July 2009 Subjects include: Foundations for Healing Ministry, Acceptance and Belonging, Deliverance Ministry 1, etc.
The Flagship School
This is a life transforming experience. It will prepare and equip you to be a vessel of God's grace in a needy world. 9 Week Flagship School starts 2nd July 2009
Testimonies:"I learnt more on the nine weeks than in 32 years of Army chaplaincy and parish ministry." "During the Flagship school I benefited so much, intellectually, spiritually, physically, emotionally and volitionally. I came with high expectations which God not only met but also greatly exceeded."
Growing in Love packages


Are 10/11 day healing packages (5 in all)  which bring together training and healing. Especially suitable for those who live far from Ellel Grange.

ellel Welcome to ELLEL GRANGE, International Headquarters of Ellel Grange.
A place of healing and equipping of the Body of Christ. The vision of Ellel Ministries is Luke 9:11 "Jesus welcomed the people, teaching them about the Kingdom of God and healing those in need."
We aim to serve the Body of Christ by providing:


Short courses such as:

Schools such as:
  • Modular Schools
  • 9 Week Flagship School

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Opportunities for Ministry

Prayer Support Group

We have a monthly prayer support group that meets here at Ellel Grange. You are most welcome to come and support the work in prayer.

Church Visits

As it is difficult for majority of a church to get away for training, we offer church visits on which we will give training and ministry, when invited by the church leadership.

Away Days

Ellel Grange can be used for your away days and church retreats. If we can be of any help to you, please email us at info.grange@ellelministries.org


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