Church Edit is designed to meet the needs of Churches by providing low-cost and easy-to-use sites. Many Churches want a good website but either do not have the “know-how” or the time to produce one. With Church Edit your Church can have a professional website in just a few hours.

A Church Edit site can be easily updated by nominated people in the Church – anyone who can use a computer will be able to easily update the site.

Every Church Edit site contains all the features your Church could need including:
• Unlimited webpages
• Easy to use web-editor (similar to Microsoft Word)
• Upload unlimited photographs
• Monthly/ Weekly Calendar
• Daily Bible Reading
• Online Library
• Voting Poll
• Image library for your webpages
• Web Links
• Different designs for your site
• Emails with your church web address

There are also optional member features which allow every member of your Church access to extra features of the site including discussion forums and web messaging.

Find out how easy Church Edit is by taking out a free 1 month trial. (international) or

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